Oak White Truffle Grande

The oak wood with an interesting and incredibly subtle finish achieved by delicate white colouring of the surface. It is a 1-strip floorboard, with a matt lacquer finish.

  • Product #: 000007

Ash milkshake molti

A white lacquered ash floor has an unusually subtle appearance. However, beneath this seeming delicacy hides the exceptional strength and durability of ash wood - one of the hardest materials for constructing floors.

  • Product #: 00026

Oak Amazon piccolo

Specially selected wood forms the board, which in the amazon piccolo has been varied by trimming the edges of the single plank floorboards. Wood protected with semi-matt lacquer. Knot-free.

  • Product #: 047

Ash Jeju molti

Ash wood protected with semi-matt super resistant professional lacquer, which makes the Jeju Molti floor perfect for heavily used rooms. Knot free.

  • Product #: 51

Oak biscuits grande

The power of oak mitigated by delicate white. Plain floorboard with clearly accentuated edges. Brushed and coated with natural oil, which perfectly highlights the natural beauty of wood. Average number of knots.

  • Product #: 62

Oak Gentle

A wide, plain board coloured a shade of ash and coated with matte lacquer.

  • Product #: 85

Oak Emina

The exclusive plank finished with oil of cherry colour.The highest quality of used wood results in no knots except pins. Colouring is mellow and uniform.

  • Product #: 146

stilnovo S 10X70

Collection of 2-layers prefinished wood floors: it is available in 9 different formats, from the small 70 mm to the 180 mm wide and 2.400 mm long big plank. It makes possible innumerable combinations of choice thanks to twelve different wood species and finishes including the new and exclusive Naturale Uv and Traffic Uv.

  • Product #: 1114


LEGEND is the collection of planed floors. Only available on Oak wood, it's finished and protected with the extraordinary Traffic finish. Single-strip flooring for glued down or floating installation.

  • Product #: 1122