Oak White Truffle Grande

The oak wood with an interesting and incredibly subtle finish achieved by delicate white colouring of the surface. It is a 1-strip floorboard, with a matt lacquer finish.

  • Product #: 000007

Ash milkshake molti

A white lacquered ash floor has an unusually subtle appearance. However, beneath this seeming delicacy hides the exceptional strength and durability of ash wood - one of the hardest materials for constructing floors.

  • Product #: 00026

Oak Amazon piccolo

Specially selected wood forms the board, which in the amazon piccolo has been varied by trimming the edges of the single plank floorboards. Wood protected with semi-matt lacquer. Knot-free.

  • Product #: 047

Ash Jeju molti

Ash wood protected with semi-matt super resistant professional lacquer, which makes the Jeju Molti floor perfect for heavily used rooms. Knot free.

  • Product #: 51

Oak biscuits grande

The power of oak mitigated by delicate white. Plain floorboard with clearly accentuated edges. Brushed and coated with natural oil, which perfectly highlights the natural beauty of wood. Average number of knots.

  • Product #: 62

Oak Gentle

A wide, plain board coloured a shade of ash and coated with matte lacquer.

  • Product #: 85

Oak creme brulee grande

A subtle oak floor with a delicate light colouring achieved thanks to its white oxy oil coating. The edges of individual boards are clearly emphasized by the four sided beveling.

  • Product #: 000008

Ash Saimaa molti

Finishing of the board with semi-matt super-resistant professional lacquer means that he Saimaa Molti floor not only displays a high aesthetic value, but is also very durable and guarantees many years of use. A few knots.

  • Product #: 52

Marzipan muffin Grande

An oak floor with an avant garde character. Obtained by dying it a shade of ash. Wood protected with matt lacquer. A board with visible edges and brushing to reveal the natural structure of the wood. Small numbers of knots.

  • Product #: 64